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Central Coast Parkinsons Alliance

Parkinson support groups offer information through newsletters, booklets and informed speakers on Parkinson’s Disease (PD). At their meetings, they share the latest information and learn the way others have coped so that they can better the lives of those who suffer from Parkinson’s Disease as well as those who care for them.

Having Parkinson’s Disease is not just the condition of the person diagnosed with the disease. It becomes the condition of family, friends and co-workers. It encompasses a wide variety of physical and emotional changes that are not easy lifestyle adjustments. A support group relates to all of those involved.

Our two local support groups are important members of our fundraising team. They are:

Central Coast Parkinson Support Group
Please visit their website for more information: www.myccpa.org

Parkinson Support Group of Santa Maria

Parkinson Alliance

Founded in 1999, The Parkinson Alliance is a national nonprofit organization, formed to raise funds for the most promising research into Parkinson’s Disease. The Parkinson Alliance serves as the umbrella organization for an annual Unity Walk as well as other fundraising events throughout the country, including the Follies’ annual benefit performances. From 2003 through 2016, the Central Coast Follies have been proud to donate $356,500 to the Parkinson Alliance.

Please visit their website for more information: www.parkinsonalliance.org

Food Bank Coalition of San Luis Obispo County

The mission of the Food Bank Coalition is to work with a network of community partners to alleviate hunger in San Luis Obispo County and build a healthier community. Their vision is that every person in the county has adequate access to nutritious food, regardless of the reasons that they may not be able to obtain it for themselves. The Food Bank's intent is not only to make nutritious food available through their programs and agencies, but also to encourage and support each person they serve, recognizing their possible vulnerabilities and sensitivities. Whether individuals, families or agencies, each deserves to be treated with kindness, respect and dignity.

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