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Central Coast Follies Makes $5,000 Donation for 2018 to Food Bank Coalition of San Luis Obispo

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Shown Left to Right: Jason Sumabat, Kittie Vicars, Chance Dickman (KSBY), Dixie Parker, Kevin Drabinski (Food Bank)

Press Release March 2, 2016
Central Coast Follies Are Moving

Press Release March 2, 2016
Central Coast Follies Presents 14th Annual Benefit for Parkinson's Disease Research

Becky Robinson: Attitude is Everything!

Central Coast Follies Makes 2014 Donation

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Front Row: Judy McPhail, Dixie Parker, Eve Dickson, Linda Matus, Jason Sumabat, Carol Walton of the Parkinson Alliance, Naomi Skee, Judy Hearn, Judy Straw. Second Row: Dara Hadley, Rebecca Robinson, Ellie Ripley, Christl Miche, Rita Vohnout, Jinny Moore, Renee Capen, Marlene Lackey, Roberta Guidry, Laurina Kusell. Back Row: Sean Owen, Loretta Fontecchio, Louise Kohler, Jimmy Thornton, Claudia Hartman, Barb Thompson, Cheryl Goldberg, Paula Lane.

Capturing Grace: Patients Become Performers

Dance for PD began as an idea, became an experiment and emerged as a global program. A collaboration between the internationally-acclaimed Mark Morris Dance Group and the Brooklyn Parkinson Group, the Dance for PD program is celebrating its 14th year.

“The classes engage the participants’ minds and bodies, and create an enjoyable, social environment that emphasizes dancing rather than therapy. Active demonstration by professional dancers inspires participants to recapture grace, while guided improvisation fosters creativity, and experimentation with movement.”

“The fundamentals of dancing and dance training—things like balance, movement sequencing, rhythm, spatial and aesthetic awareness, and dynamic coordination—seem to address many of the things people with Parkinson’s want to work on to maintain a sense of confidence and grace in their movements. Although participants from all over the world tell us they find elements of the class therapeutic, the primary goal of our program is for people to enjoy dance for dancing’s sake in a group setting—and to explore the range of physical, artistic and creative possibilities that are still very much open to them.”—David Leventhal, Dance for PD founding teacher, Brooklyn, NY

In 2014, the documentary Capturing Grace premiered. It shows the results of this remarkable program. Please click the link below to view an excerpt from the film.

“I experienced this first hand with Roy.
He could hardly walk but we would get on the dance floor and he could move quite well and he enjoyed the freedom of movement in dance.
Between the music and the dance there is a miraculous something that takes place.”
– Dixie Parker, Follies