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The Central Coast Follies was born in 2003, inspired by Emily McGinn and a group of community-minded, compassionate and energetic vintage dancers who wanted to perform. Their teacher/choreographer, Jason Sumabat, suggested a benefit performance for a worthy cause that would help many people. Member Dixie Parker suggested the group adopt Parkinson’s Disease research, having learned that not only was this an underfunded area but also that many of the founding Follies dancers had family members or close friends afflicted with this dread disease. Operating under the umbrella of the Central Coast Parkinson Support Group – and with the collaboration of the Parkinson Support Group of Santa Maria – the Follies teamed with the national Parkinson Alliance, insuring that a significant portion of the group’s donation would be directed toward research.

We truly believe that today’s research means tomorrow’s cure; and this belief has cemented our commitment to persevere. Over the past fifteen years, with unswerving community support, the Central Coast Follies has donated $369,000 to the Parkinson Alliance.

Please join us: “Dancing for a Cure”!

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