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The Central Coast Follies was born in 2003, inspired by Emily McGinn and a group of community-minded, compassionate and energetic vintage dancers who wanted to perform. Their teacher/choreographer, Jason Sumabat, suggested a benefit performance for a worthy cause that would help many people; and Dixie Parker suggested the group adopt Parkinson’s Disease research. Operating under the umbrella of the Central Coast Parkinson Support Group – and with the collaboration of the Parkinson Support Group of Santa Maria – the Follies teamed with the national Parkinson Alliance, insuring that a significant portion of the group’s donation would be directed toward research. Over the past fifteen years, with unswerving community support, the Central Coast Follies has donated $379,000 to the Parkinson Alliance.

Now in our 17th year, and recognizing a significant need in our local community, the Follies have expanded their focus and chosen to tackle the issue of food insecurity, partnering with the Food Bank Coalition of San Luis Obispo. We share in their vision "that every person in the county has adequate access to nutritious food." In our first year working with the Food Bank, we donated $5,000.

Net proceeds from our performances will be shared between the Food Bank Coalition and our long-time beneficiary, the Parkinson Alliance.

The extraordinary dedication and commitment of these volunteers to raise funds for Parkinson Disease research over the past 16 years is almost unheard of. We are very proud to have received donations of more than $450,000 from this wonderful community, with the Follies' donation alone accounting for $379,000 of that total! -- Carol Walton, President & CEO – Parkinson Alliance

The Food Bank finds a match in the Central Coast Follies as we both turn passion and a zest for living into a benefit of the community. We are uniquely privileged and profoundly grateful for this financial support which helps us continue to distribute healthy food to 14,000 households in the county every month. – Kevin Drabinski, CEO – Food Bank Coalition of San Luis Obispo

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